• $9.9 per 100g
  • Exceptionally succulent and tender
  • Cut from the loin of a cow
  • Grass-fed and Australia cow
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The tenderloin steak cut is exceptionally succulent and tender. Although it has little marbling, it is well-endowed with flavour and soft tenderness. It is best grilled with Stirling Seasoning and served rare.

Other names: Filet, filet mignon (French, small end), filet of beef, filete (Spanish)

General description: As the tenderloin is an inner muscle, it gets little exercise resulting in great tenderness. This elegant cut has a mellow flavor and velvety texture. The tenderloin is incredibly versatile and can be roasted or grilled. It is easy to prepare, cooks quickly and is a crowd-pleaser.

Part of Animal: The filet lies underneath the ribs alongside the backbone, paralleling the strip loin. Its smaller pointed end starts just past the rib section. As the tenderloin continues down the length of the back, it becomes larger and rounder. The largest portion is the butt end, part of the top sirloin.

Amount to Buy: Allow 200 to 300g per steak portion


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