• $6.5 per 100g
  • Flavourful with a creamy layer of fats at the side
  • Cut from the primal loin of a cow
  • Grass-fed and Australia cow
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The sirloin steak cut is juicy and bursting with flavour. The creamy layer of fats at the side will bring about a sizzle during grilling.

Other names: New York strip, top sirloin, top loin

General description: Though rather lean, the sirloin cut has good flavor and firm texture. There is a strip of fat running down one side. For health-conscious consumers, you can always trim the fats but it is not wise to cut it all off. This is because the fats add flavor to the meat.

There is a legend that King Henry VIII of England treasured this cut so much that he named it Sir Loin, Baron of Beef. But the sirloin most likely comes from the French surlonge, meaning “above the loin”.

Part of Animal: The sirloin lies at the upper hip, above the tenderloin. Cuts from the sirloin are appreciated for their full-bodied flavor and firm satisfying texture.

Amount to Buy: Allow at least 200g per steak portion.


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