Flat Iron

//Flat Iron

Flat Iron


  • $4.9 per 100g
  • A lean steak cut
  • Cut from the shoulder of cow
  • Grass-fed and Australia cow
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The flat iron steak cut is a much leaner steak cut and perfect for flash frying. It is thinly sliced and goes well with salsa verde sauce.

Other names: Top blade steak, book steak, butler steak, lifter steak, paleron (French), parte superior ore de la paleta (Spanish)

General description: The flat iron steak can be grilled, skillet cooked or stir-fried. It is also suitable for quick cooking or flash frying. The flat iron steak is one of the most tender and richly flavoured steaks. The name of this steak comes from its triangular shape, similar to an old-fashioned clothes iron.

Part of Animal: The flat iron steak comes from the uppermost portion of the shoulder clod.

Amount to Buy: It can be served as a thinly sliced portion of 150g


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